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References, Rules & Regulations
    ALWAYS check for the latest ISU Communications at the International Skating Union's website.
  * ISU Judging System
Complete set of documents concerning the ISU Judging System for figure skating and ice dancing
See ISU's section "ISU Rules"
  * ISU Communication
List of new downloadable documents and archive.
See ISU's section "ISU Communication"

Rules and regulations from national associations
See our link list at Organizations


  * Begriffe des Synchroneislaufens
    * Der Kreis (circle)
    * Die Linie (line)
    * Der Block (block)
    * Das Rad (wheel)
    * Die Durchkreuzung (intersection)
    * Haltungen (holds)
    * Sub-Grouping

  * Begriffe des Eiskunstlaufens
    * Piruetten (Spins)
    * Kürelemente / Verbindungselemente

 * Database, Lists, FAQ
  * Geplante Einkunstlauf-Sendungen im TV (deutsches Fernsehen) ((DEU))
  * IceCalc (Software program that permits the computerized result calculation of figure skating competitions)
  * Sandra Loosemoor's Skating Music List
  * Video - The Science of Figure Skating
  * Wettkampftermine Deutschland (EV Berchtesgaden)
  * Wettkampftermine Deutschland (EV Rosenheim)
  * Wettkampftermine Deutschland (TuS Bad Aibling)
  * Wettkampftermine Great Britain and N.I. (NISA)
  * Wettkampftermine Schweiz (Eissport Club Frauenfeld)
  * Wettkampftermine Schweiz (
  * Wettkampftermine Österreich (Skate Austria)
  * Skatebase (Professional & Pro-Am Competitions Results) by Virginia Blalock
  * Figure Skating ABC/Eiskunstlauf-ABC (Lexikon Eiskunstlaufelemente) by Prof. aD Dr. Siegmar-Walter Breckle
  * Figure-skating tips and clips by Dave Curtis
  * RinkResults (Figure skating results and video clips) by Pål Dahle
  * Silent Edge (Silent Edge provides information and links of interest for those concerned about sexual abuse and exploitation in figure skating (and in all sports), and other advocacy issues for skaters.) by Ellen Edgerton
  * Recreational Figure Skating FAQ by Ana Gonzales
  * Figure Skating FAQ by Sandra Loosemore
  * Skating Suppliers List by Charles MacDonald
  * How to Ice Skate for Beginners by Reto
  * Skating Book FAQ / Bibliography, part 1 of 2 by George Robbins
  * Skating Book FAQ / Bibliography, part 2 of 2 by George Robbins
  * How Ice Rinks Work by Melissa Russell-Ausley
  * Figure Skating TV Schedule by Heather Winfield